Wednesday, September 7, 2011

we are vapors

in this testing of my faith, i am becoming more and more aware of my salvation. the many levels of being and becoming.

salvation is the assurance of my faith. it is my eternal bliss in heaven. by no other way am i saved- then through Jesus Christ.

the days are going to get harder and more warfare will be brought to believers now than ever before.

i dont know about you- but i want to be SURE of where i am going when i die.

this life is but a breath.

the devil cannot get to me anymore with the silliness of heroin and crack anymore. he cannot tempt me with cigarettes and a blunt. he cannot entice me with a shot of tequila.

the devil is testing my belief! my faith! and actually- this testing HAS to go through God first. satan HAS to ask God permission to torment or entice ANY of Gods children. so in all actuality- i take EVERYTHING as coming from God!!

satan is a stupid little bug that i can stomp under my foot.

this life is so tiny compared to what God has prepared for those that love Him. i am more and more excited to go home everyday.

i cant wait to go home.

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