Wednesday, August 18, 2010

faith walk

a good friend gave me this idea to blog about.
i wont name any names...


one of the most insane things a christian deals with
is faith.
it doesnt make any sense.

its the most difficult thing to do(believe)in the WORLD.
for me it took an encounter with Jesus.

i used to be atheist.
before that, i was methodist.

somewhere in the mix of life
i stopped believing...
i didnt understand why a god would exist just to watch us all


i started believing when i got baptized in the Holy Spirit.
i began a secret prayer language
and started receiving dreams and visions.
and my mental illness started shedding off of me.

i began to see with spiritual eyes
and i tasted the Lord,
and tasted that he is GOOD.
he started sewing my broken heart together.

God started talking to me
as i sought him.
he started giving me visions of
and deliverence.

he began to show me who he was
as i begged for more of him.

and he is my doctor
and therapist
and my everything.
i cant breathe without thinking about how he gave me

i hang on to these experiences with the Lord,
because i know that faith is EVERYTHING.
i think the deeper the experience one has with God,
the more faith they will have.

its hard to believe in something u cant see or hear
or feel.
but the good news is that God wants to show u his face.
and faith comes by hearing the Word of God.

another way i increased my faith
was by memorizing scripture and speaking it out
into spiritual realm...
thats digesting the Word- this was how i was able to
stop cutting myself and throwing up my food.

so u can see-
i got faith
and am so grateful
that Gods got ME.

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