Saturday, August 4, 2012

Two worlds

I am torn between two worlds.
The world of flesh and humanity.
The world of the spirit and all eternity.
How can they both live in harmony?
When one negates the other.

Harmony is a non existent symphony
Of thoughts and hopes but doesn't hold.

When one part of me is assigned to this place
And the other is longing for no set time or space.

These two contradictions are ever warring-
Exploring the heart and mind and will of man.
What is this- that I am?

If love can melt the two together-
Then hope is here now and forever.
But the absence of love will reck and ravage
Any chance of being uncounted as a savage.

To be or not to be-
Living in the universe of possessing two worlds.
To be or not to be-
That is in fact the question.

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