Thursday, September 15, 2011

memory lane

as i was walking to get my protein shake this morning,
i was suddenly struck by a memory i had of an angel.

one day i was smoking crack in my car... i was in the city and
crouching down trying to hide my shame.

it was the summer time. the windows were rolled down.

as i came up from inhaling and exhaling the crack smoke-
there was a car that came right next to me.

a black old man was driving. he was smiling at me. but not in a condescending or sarcastic way- in a joyful, empathetic way.

i remember his presence. very well. his joy. his peace.

he came right next to my car window. "you know, you are better than that. you have more for your future than what you are doing now. you have your whole life ahead of you. don't waste it on this."

i remember looking at him and smiling back, as i felt the high of the crack cocaine. but something within me sobered me to the reality of what he said.

"thank you sir, but i am fine." was my reply. (like i had everything taken care of)

i thank God that He sent angels to protect me and watch over me in the midst of what i took myself through.

PSALM 91:11
For He will command His angels concerning you, to gaurd you in all your ways.

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  1. A story with a lovely message - I think God does send angels- the kindness of strangers can save a life ...