Wednesday, August 24, 2011

... not again

terror. all through the night.
the demon came into my sleep and shattered my safety.

i can still see it clearly and it still scares me.
i was fighting and struggling all night. i am exhausted.

the fear overtook my soul, and i felt helpless.

i awoke knowing that God was with me, but certainly did not feel Him there.

i have a feeling that this happened because God wanted to show me that Satan is using something to torture me. i know exactly what it is.

i have felt offended the last few days... and this i know is one of Satans top tricks. offense.

i believe the Lord was showing me that i am giving in to this offense and it is causing my hidden root of rejection to spring into the light. to be dealt with.

God please give me courage to face this demon.

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