Tuesday, May 14, 2013

my Jesus

last night i was swept away once again by my Jesus!
i am so thirsty for His presence... He made Himself known to me last night and stopped me dead in my tracks.  my sweet Jesus.

the only thing i could do was stand still and feel Him.  this was an encounter i needed to assure me that i am in Gods will.  i need to know i am going in the right direction all the time.  every second.  there is nothing i can do without Him.

i could describe the heavy presence of God, but it would not do justice... so i will just leave it at that.  that i was swept away.  intoxicated by Him.  drawn to Him.  so in love with Him. 
He is love... and when we have an encounter with God- it is the very essence of melting in the glory of perfect love.

peace, peace... my soul will rest in You.

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