Monday, February 4, 2013

simplicity and humility

im breathing a big sigh of relief as this past season is coming to an END!

thank you GOD.  i feel it passing.

i feel finally the old dross of the past year is being swept away.  the darkness, sadness and confusion lasted a while and it was only so much longer that i could hold on.  i remember crying every night asking God what is was He wanted me to learn and how could i get some relief... never got a clear answer, but always felt in my spirit the simple words- 'be still.'

what do the dark times teach us?
to remain low
to cling to Jesus
to remind us of our deep need for God
to teach us about true spiritual authority, because Gods power is made perfect in our weakness
to give us hope of a new day, a brighter day that will come
to remind us that this isnt our final resting place- there is something much more beautiful that awaits
to teach us about ourselves- what is really inside of us- our character, motives

by keeping thoughts simple and maintaining the awareness of my every-second-need for God, i achieve a peace that passes my mind and goes into my heart.

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