Monday, February 25, 2013

rats and flies

dreams of disgust that drag me into the deep
only come to torment me in my sleep

the mind, ive tried, to push out the things that creep
this process though, is not easy to complete

settling slowly softly i wait
for Jesus my Savior to rescue my unconscious fate

rats attack me
flies and bees swarm into my space
its only natural to think im not free
its supernatural to believe Jesus is my saving grace

all along this path of pilgrimage
i learn to find the way and feel
dreams of the past i cannot manage
sometimes they still seem so real

God. my hope, my help, my healer
He alone can protect me from the peace- stealer

Jesus. my sanity, my rest, my redeemer
He alone can cleanse my mind of evil

The Holy Spirit. my comforting hug, the wisper in my ears
i pray to ask Him to forgive and wipe my tears

"you are a new creation and your past is gone along with your sins.  these dreams come straight from hell to torture and scare you... Satan is the father of lies and he wants you back.  but i won't let him have you.  trust in Me, in My Word and remember your deliverance in Christ.  the blood of Jesus cleanses you from all unrighteousness.  your past is gone, your past is gone, your past is gone along with your sins."

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