Sunday, November 25, 2012

ripping a plastic bag

this ones probably not gona make much sense... but here it goes!!!

who here among us is ALL right? ALL the time? is anyone? i personally do not know anyone that is perfect. i dont know anyone that is sweet and delightful 24/7. i dont know anyone who never has a bad day/week/month/year.  i dont know any man or woman who lives a life free of thorns, shadows and contemplative torment.

i guess my 'encouragement' or 'word of advice' to those who are experiencing a valley or a drought or an oppression or a depression or whatever... my thoughts on this today are that hiding it will not help you. i think being real and honest about what it is that you are experiencing is a very good thing.  however, i also think that if you abuse these priveleges to express yourself, by unleashing your rage or pain or moods onto someone else- then that is not ok.  i think we all have our moments and some stretch longer than others... but the solution is never to put someone else down, or make them feel threatened or inferior.

since coming back to Jesus i have almost instantly absorbed the truth about actions and reactions.
it is in our power to exude whatever we put into ourselves.  it is also in our power to harness and hold back the poison that sometimes still remains within.  i think with depression... one of the most important things to do is not condemn yourself.  i got a revelation on depression today driving back from my old rehab, aka, my other home:)  the revelation i got was this- depression is not a sin.
thats it! its not my fault! i can stop feeling responsible for the brain chemicals in my head that choose to wire and rewire and backfire and expire!

we all gota start ripping the plastic bag off of our eyes sooner or later if we want to see clearly. so start ripping.

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