Friday, May 4, 2012

last night

i was driving my boss home... we were talking about skin products that are being shipped here for him to try on his skin (he has a skin condition that causes him a lot of discomfort).  i looked down on my arm that i was steering with and said,

'i wonder if those products will help my scars go away?'

he said, 'where did you get those scars from?'

i said, 'suicide attempts.'

he replied staring intently in my eyes, 'i sure am glad Jesus saved you.'


  1. Hello Mariah, hope u r well :-) I've been reading your blog with interest, I think what you have acheived is wonderful, thanks to the grace of God. I too am a heroin / crack addict, with a 'mental health' problem, except I am still fighting my demons. I stumbled across your blog by accident after googling my own to see how high it came on google, its funny, because I titled my blog 'from heroin to heaven' too, ... anyway I'm glad it lead me to your blog, because it gives me hope. Keep up the good work.

    Feel free to comment on my blog its at
    Thanks and God bless you x

  2. Do you follow any particular brand of Christianity? I watch the Christian channels on TV but they're mostly "born again". That Jimmy Swaggart is always on. He preaches against alcohol as if it's the ultimate evil, saying he's never even tried it. Yet Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine. And I kind of get the impression that, considering it was a wedding feast, more than a couple of bottles of water were involved!

  3. Hello Claire, the fight is always there. Be encouraged today, because even in the midst of the storm, there is peace found in Jesus. I know it may sound too hard to grasp this peace found in Him. But always remember that no one ever did anything powerful for God by living an easy, carefree life, full of the riches of the world. Those that travel the path of suffering and pain are led to the riches in Christ. Please email me if you want to talk more, I would love to talk with you!

  4. Gledwood- the only 'brand' of Christianity I belong to is the brand of the one true God. I do not belong to any demonination, as this tends to steer people in the wrong direction...leading them to practice religion instead of knowing their position in Christ and being found in that alone. God bless you, Gledwood.

  5. Hello

    Its Claire again. I emailed you like you said :-) I wondered, which rehab did you go to ... was it teen challenge? Do you know if they have anywhere similiar in the UK? There is something where I live called Mercy ministries but they only take lasses up to age 28, and I'm 29 :-( If you got any info it would be a great help as.... I think you said you work for the organisation that helped you now?

  6. whatever does it for you? wudnt tell my boss nuttin