Thursday, April 12, 2012

things that dont matter

parallel thinking=

seeing something that strikes within you a sharp, distinct memory.

smelling something that is familiar and being brought back to a place in time.


this has been happening to me ALOT lately.  not sure why.  i have been getting
flashes of my past being brought up to my mind many times a day.  it is annoying,
as most of it is utterly disgusting and painful to remember. 

somehow i am free in the spirit, but in my mind i am still a prisoner at these
times.  i am going to compartmentalize these flashes and memories in my head
as the 'things that dont matter' category.

because the things that are not edifying need to be thrown out.  no matter how
many times i must go through this process.

...just keep shedding off the junk... and the bad memories/flashbacks.

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