Monday, January 23, 2012


Revived in the Spirit

I can even feel it

Immersion, excursion, totally urgin’

Was down n out cuz I let my enemy lie to my face

Whats this about getting onto my space?

Do you know who your toyin with??

This isn’t some girl without a Savior-

You think He would let you trample on my soul?

You think HE wouldn’t stop you- YOU FOOL?!

…tryin to get me messed in the mind with your attacks of fat-

I know who im dealin with- you wont get off my back.

I gota lot to say to the one who comes at me with disease-

I gota lot to say- cuz I KNOW that im FREE.

My God comes riding on a white horse, sword in hand

Oh HE’s angry, man, you better run fast!

HA! You’re slayed in half now-

What are you gona do?  Hit me while your down?

Man, I could talk about my KING forever…

And while you’re down there- keep tryin to think of something clever...

There is nothing fake about me… this life has been redeemed

Whom the SON sets free indeed.

And while you fuss with your little tantrum tactics-

Ill be in the Upper Room- in the attic.

1 comment:

  1. I like ur poetry lass, U should post some of ur poems on, there are some beautiful poems on there about Gods deliverence, I think yours are lovely and that the members would enjoy reading them :-)

    Claire x