Thursday, October 13, 2011

God spoke to me about my thoughts

Proverbs 16:3
Commit your work to the Lord,
and He will establish your thoughts.


when i read this i knew immediately that God was speaking to me.

my thoughts will be established- or built upon truth (and not the lies that my head sometimes tells me)
WHEN i commit my work to the Lord.

i first make up my mind to trust only in God and to walk in obedience and in turn-
my thoughts will be settled.

i am also taking note that this is something that will take time... i certainly do not expect to be healed 100% from such a dibilitating mental illness and not suffer 'rebounds' or 'bouts' with disturbing thoughts.

although i absolutely believe God has healed me of mental illness, and i no longer take medication, i have to be wise with my expectations of this healing process.  and to think that i will never suffer with a thought disorder again is just foolish.  i am human.  and definatly imperfect.

i cannot jump ahead of God.  i have to be patient and let God clear away the giants in my path.

and besides, i love having to keep going to Jesus for help and strength.  He is all i have.  He is all i need.

my passion and love grows everyday for my Jesus... i praise Him in peace, i praise Him in joy, i praise Him in uncertainty, i praise Him when im in the fire, i praise Him praise Him praise Him for who

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