Tuesday, September 27, 2011

frozen in time

the other night in the shower, i experienced the presence of God so thick that i was literally frozen.

the shower is always a place of gratitude for me- coming from a hardcore addiction- you can imagine the dirtiness i endured.

i started smiling as i thought about God.

my smile quickly turned into divine giggling.

i couldnt stop.

my huge smile froze on my face as i started to sway... like a little girl does when her daddy comes home from work.

my eyes started to tear and the tears streamed down my wet face.

in the shower. with God.

frozen in time with the Creator of the universe. Pure Heaven.

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  1. I am also a recovering addict, and it is only throughhis grace and mercy, that I am able to express my gratitude. Thank God for the fellowship of N/A , & A/A, that I was ableto meet people just like me. The spiritual principles is my daily antedote for this disease. God has truely blessed me with a second chance at life, and I am forever grateful. I am too blessed to be stressed , Practicethe spiritual principles ofhonesty, acceptance, willingness, humility, acceptance, surrender, courage, perserverance, open-mindedness, powerlessness, hope, faith, trust, tolerance, patience. These are just a few of the spiritual principals that you will encounter on a daily basis. Trust God and his faithful servants, too show youhow too live, one day at a time.