Friday, July 1, 2011

lifted up

its sad to say that i have an easier time writing when things are going wrong.
i think i am so used to being able to describe what hell is like, that i have not given myself a chance to write when i am experiencing heaven.

hence- the name of my blog is From HEROIN TO HEAVEN

from opposite sides of the spectrum, indeed.

this summer i am experiencing pure bliss. i have graduated WHH, i had my 27th birthday yesterday, which was SO GOOD. and i will be graduating at the end of summer from TCMI- and i will be a Certified Minister.

no wonder i have been going through season of dryness and torment...
God has been preparing me to receive these blessings.

God cannot bless those who are proud and arrogant... so He taught me humility and full dependance on Him during my recent season of hardship.

i think i have figured out that- the more one is tormented and brought low to the ground... the higher they are lifted up.

good lesson.

one to take with me the rest of my life.

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  1. Dying to self is always unpleasant, but we need to die to self so that Christ can be formed in us and so that God can be glorified in us. Then we can be a beacon of light to those in darkness.

    "I must decrease and He must increase."