Friday, April 22, 2011

suicide dream

i awoke to a headache from grinding my teeth so hard...
and tears in my eyes... distressed to say the least.

i was in my bedroom, my sister was there too.
there was a voice, a demonic distorted voice.

'the knives are over there... just take one of the sharp ones and kill yourself.'

the voice was so evil... i remember running over to my sister, and jumping into bed with her.

'i dont want to be in my room by myself... they are after me.'

my sister didnt know what i was talking about.
so i pulled out a tape that i had, because for some reason, the voices were recorded on that tape.

i took the tape and showed it to her, but they(demons) were trying to break the tape...
it was a struggle to prove the voices/demons existed.

they laughed at me.

i tossed and turned. scared. alone. trapped. sick. torture.

this is how i used to feel all the time- when i was still suffering mentally...
but this dream was so real... i woke up totally drained and distraught.

Jesus, save me from my enemy

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