Monday, February 28, 2011

little girl

i was in the drug store the other day and was greatly distressed when i saw what was happening to a young girl. she was about 9 years old and the older man that was with her kept calling her stupid and was pushing her around. he then continued to push her head around and yelled profanities. the workers and pharmacists at the store just kept working and kept their mouth shut. as if nothing was wrong.

i burned with anger. and i glared at that man, as if to say 'what do u think ur doing to that girl?'

he could see my disgust and my body language- that i was ready to protect and defend the little girl-

and he backed off.

the girl looked up at me and smiled.

i smiled back and tried to give her as much comfort as i could with my presence.

all day long i prayed for her, and him. and i prayed and prayed. and God heard my prayer. please protect her, God.

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  1. Remember you can call your local Dept. of Human Services to report abuse or suspected abuse. I am a mandatory reporter as a teacher and I have seen how intervention has made an amazing difference in a child's life. Don't hesitate to intervene. You were right to signal your disapproval.