Sunday, February 6, 2011

list of likes

i like my space. i like privacy. i like to be around godly people. i like to be alone with Jesus as much as i can. i like to work when brother don is here. i like school when i learn something. i like going to the brooklyn tabernacle. i like being in the presence of people worshipping God. i like to sing and dance for the one i love. i like having dreams. i like receiving visions. i like reading. i like writing. i like being humble. i like skyping with my friends in Christ all over the world. i like when people tell me their greatest fear. i like when people accept me. i like when im walking down the street and a little 1 year old wobbles in front of me and i say, 'oh, well hello there! how are you little one?' i like when parents trust me to be with their children. i like showing children the love of Jesus. i like having peace in my mind. i like having joy in my heart. but most of all, i like resting in the arms of the Lord.


  1. I like you! :)

  2. I really like this wonderful post you did!!!

    God Bless you,