Monday, January 3, 2011

where are you?

the raging sea of doubt has flooded my mind once again.
when will i hear from you?
when will you speak to your servant once more?

all day long i question my faith...
i am ashamed and unworthy of you.
the flame inside me is just an ember.

fan my flame, oh God!

i seek your presence, your glorious love.
i want passion to burn inside of me.
i want passion for you all the time.

i dont ever want to doubt you-
rebuke me for my doubt.
i do not deserve anything good.

i do not deserve to hear your wonderful voice...
i dont deserve to be in your awesome presence.

but i come before you, asking forgiveness for my little faith.
i ask you build me up, raise me up-
that i might go about the earth speaking of your POWER!

oh, how i long to be with you and soak up your glory.
i desire the fullness of you.

just you... that's all i need.

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