Thursday, January 27, 2011

there is hope in this drought

i have experienced a spring of hope in this desert!
i was able to feel how deeply grateful i am of my testimony and salvation.

a wonderful feeling of gratefulness is like water to my sand.

i was able to look past my present state of dryness and reach out and testify to the girls in the program here. although i tell bits and pieces of it all the time- it is another thing to formally sit in front of all the girls and bravely bare my soul. not that this is a hard thing for me to do- because i love to tell them of Gods miracle working power... but it is quite different when i am in the wilderness.

could it be that i have been brought to the wild region by God to be brought to THE END OF MYSELF?

to learn to rely on nothing else, but my faith.

i have been thrown in the desert to put to death the things that have been holding me back from fully operating in the spirit of love and truth...

my flesh, feelings, emotions, lust, desires and wants are being painfully scorched away in the dry heat of this desert.

i now have more hope to carry me through this trial.
...all is not lost!


  1. Great post!!! I am so thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ that whatever sins I have done in the past are forgiven and that they no longer pertain!!!

    God's Blessings to you my sister in Christ,


  2. Praise God for the refining fires that burn away all that is not of Him. Proclaiming the past miracles of God and his unending mercy will pierce the darkness and bring us into the light. By you telling the young women of God's faithfulness, you did just that. There is Power in the Word and our testimony. Yeah! :)