Friday, December 17, 2010

godly mathematics

here's something ironic for u today...
i keep 'throwing out a fleece.'
i still don't even know the breakdown of that saying...
but I know it is this format-
'If A happens, then I am supposed to do B.'

this reminds me of mathematics.
the infamous *If (arrow pointing to the) Then* solution.

so my situation is that ever since I was little I have had big dreams. i knew since a young age that i wanted to be something, and someone, and that i would see the whole world. and then i became an addict and felt like my life was over. if i didn't succeed in my suicide attempts, then my heavy addiction surely would kill me.

but, man o man, does God have a solution to every one of our DOUBTS.

i keep throwing out fleece after fleece...
in my mind thinking If A happens then I will finally know for sure that I am supposed To do B.

my A's are usually stuff like- getting my drivers liscense, getting a letter in the mail... u know, little stuff like that.
and my B's are- Then i will know i am supposed to be serving here, or i will know without a doubt that i am walking in your will.

well- my latest A was 'if i get my passport before the end of the month-
then i will KNOW i am meant to go on this trip to Ireland to talk about you(B)

low and behold, i received my passport a few days ago! and was told by the post office that it would take 6 weeks to get! and my trip is for the end of january! AND ITS ONLY THE MIDDLE OF DECEMBER.

this math problem has turned into a

haha! praise the Lord!
God is showing me little by little my purpose in life...
the more i walk in faith and am obedient to His will-
the more math problems get to be solved!

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