Tuesday, December 7, 2010

darkness invades

someone told me today that one of the reasons i am feeling so down lately is becuz i have been sharing a lot of my testimony to the world, and here at Teen Challenge...
and that im being attacked for it.
and i know this is true, becuz the devil and i have had our fights....and continue to do so, apparently.

the question i have is, when will the attacks stop?

doesnt satan get tired of bothering someone, if he knows they arent gona give up?

it doesnt matter how hard he tries to bring me down...though i may feel shaken-
i wont be moved.

even though i am on the verge of tears at almost every moment of the last few days...
i still wont give up.

i will never give up
God has saved me, redeemed me, set me free and cares about me.
no, i cannot give up.

this sadness that i feel and overwhelming sense of doom
will be lifted soon.

my trust in the Lord will carry me through.

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