Thursday, November 18, 2010


this morning i was putting on my bracelet and
i saw a vein pop from my wrist!

i immediately thought of how that vein is now usable
for IV drug use...

my veins have been collapsed now for years.
i used to shoot up in my neck, behind my knees, my shins.

anywhere i could.

i would spend literally HOURS attempting to find a vein during the
end of my addiction.
i remember the table, and the blood, and the spoons and cotton.
i remember the endless, gruesome hours and how my back would start to
hurt becuz i was hunched over for so many HOURS trying to shoot.

i hated it. i hated it. i hated it.

its been over a year and a half since i shot up-
my veins r coming to life again!

i know that the thought i had of how good that vein is now for shooting,
is just a stupid temptation.
and since i have tasted the goodness of God and
the LOVE He has for me...
how can i turn away from Him again?
how can i ever go back?

i refuse to return to Hell.
God has called me out of darkness and

how can i go back to Hell+Heroin?
now that i have experienced HEAVEN?


  1. I am so encouraged by your postings! Praise God for his love and power for you, and all of us, which enables us to have victory over darkness. I am so very happy for you. Keep spreading your beautiful message of salvation. :)

  2. i feel like this to. my veins are not coming back yet, but when i see my track scars i remember so well and it hurts. but life is ok better even without it. i havent found god, i just got tired of doing what i was doing- thats what turned my life around