Friday, October 1, 2010

spiritual eyes

ever since i was little i could always feel the presence of evil when
it came around.
i was always scared to close the shower curtain when showering...
afraid of being attacked by something.

and i felt chased a lot,

especially when going up or down the stairs.

my thoughts also led me to weird obsessions and phobias.

i could go on about my obsessive compulsions all day,
but im tryin to explain how God allows me to know when evil is around.

it is obvious to me when evil is present.
sometimes God allows me to see with my eyes,
and sometimes its with my spirit within me.

spiritual eyes.

it took me this long to recognize what this gift was
and to not be scared anymore.

of course, when your young and dont have the knowledge of what
your feeling or seeing, it can be scary.

i thank God for my gift everyday,
because it allows me to be wise in choosing who i confide in
and who is for real and who is being deceived.

not only with people, but within the spiritual realm.

it allows me to see the truth.

and the truth is what sets me free!

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  1. HI! I miss you! I don't have facebook anymore so I'm saying hello on your blog. I just read this random entry. And I know what you're talking about! Except I think I may have watched one too many horror movies growing up. I had issues going up and down the stairs and in my bedroom(one of the hamlin houses) I'm just remembering now how I had to fall asleep with my tv on sleep timer, not because I was watching it but because it drowned everything scary out. AHH! :) email me or call me sometime. Hope all is going well!