Thursday, October 14, 2010


i was running,
through the woods in our small town.
i was running from this guy that just wanted 'to talk'

just before that,
i had ingested a large amount of cocaine
and ritalin.

we were at this guys house,
and the early morning started to appear.

people were leaving the party,
and those stupid birds started chirping.

i was about 16...
and was severely addicted to cocaine.

the woods were green and brown,
and the sticks cracked under my feet.

the leaves made that rustling noise, that they always do.
and my heart was working overtime.

i ran
and ran
and ran.

and i ran
until the trees stopped yelling at me.

i ran to my 'home' that was really just a
resting stop.

i never really felt at home
anywhere i went
becuz everywhere i went,

i ran from.

when i run to Jesus,
its the safest,
sweetest place
to be...

ive always been a runner.

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