Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"go on, dont be scared"

i was in the spirit.
i was feeling discouraged about some stuff
and i cried out to Jesus.

He came up behind me,
smiling gently.
He was right behind me and
then he took his hand and
placed it on my back.

He took His other hand and stretched it out along the
as if to show me great wonders.

i grew in amazement and awe at the experience of HIM.

then- He took the hand that was on my back and

soft shove!

i laughed.
i was delighted at how stern he was with me,
like a Father.

i am being watched over,
and the Lord has many wonders to show us when we take a step in
faith and are obedient to His lead...
He longs for us to keep pressing on
and to be led towards His

He just pushed me along and enabled me to move.

He enables me to move.

praise Him! hallelujah!

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