Thursday, September 2, 2010

how long?

Dear God-
i will wait on u
i will wait on u

however long it takes u to come rescue us...
i will wait.

there is nothing left in this world that is appealing
or good.
it is all tainted and
burning with a smell of hatred.

when r u coming??

my soul magnetizes to u and

i will still rejoice
even in this garbage can of a world
becuz i know u got ur hand on me
and it catches me when i fall.
thank u for the air i breathe and
thank u for salvation and ur mercy.
thank u for delivering me from addiction and
mental illness

please come soon, God, and bring us back to heaven with u.
i love u.

1 comment:

  1. Jn 14:6 Jesus said I an the Way, The Truth and the Life. The
    Way is Person simply abide In Him. The Truth is a Person,
    not a religion, a formula, not a man made pattern. Truth,
    in it's visable form is a Person. The Life is a Person, it's not
    "getting there" or finally being productive or finally amounting
    to something. Life is a Person. Hope to see you sometime
    Moriah. Love in Christ uncle Chris
    PS I wrote a long letter to you but the server seemed to have
    lost it. Keep running! Soon We shall see Him face to Face.