Saturday, September 25, 2010

digital free

there is much to be said about freeing urself from ALL digital devices...
something very cleansing happens when u can allow urself to be away from all that junk.
i have been without a tv, phone, internet and radio for a week, and it was absolutely fabulous!
God has called me to a higher purpose-
one that doesnt involve melting my brain with tv, and although, i think there is nothing wrong with the tv itself- it just comes to a point where u can become consumed with it, and totally lose motivation when it becomes a constant in ur life.
i did not miss the tv at all in that week...
and i almost cried when we left the mountain.
Gods beauty is seen in the creation of the earth and i felt so priveleged to be able to soak up the suns rays and dig my feet into the sand.
and breathe in the clean, pure air.

the past few weeks i have been feeling a little stressed and hurried and just uneasy about things. nothing in particular, really, just an overall feeling of dishelvement.

i am so grateful to be rested and restored for the work ahead to further the kingdom of God.
He will always restore u if u ask.

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