Tuesday, August 3, 2010

'medication the rest of your life'

several doctors have told me that statement in my lifetime.
when they suggested electric shock therapy, i was relieved at the thought that some peace in my head could be possible with this treatment.

i told my psycotherapist that i would try this walter hoving home rehab first, and if that didnt work, i would come back to get the treatment, and to get put back in the endless stupid cycle of therapy/counseling.

glory to GOD!
while i was at the home, i was extremely unstable and suicide was just a bottle of pills away, locked in the medicine cabinet they had in basement.
i have attempted several times in my life, so it was no strange thing to me that i was being taunted to kill myself again.

but i kept getting pulled to seek God and to trust that he would make it okay somehow.
he wanted me to live. and his love for me(and you) is endless.

the website for: walter hoving home is:
(christian rehabilitation center for women)

i stayed a year at this program and since that year: havnt taken any psych meds, or illegal drugs.
thats HUGE for me!

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