Wednesday, August 4, 2010


ISAIAH 40:31-
But the people who trust the Lord will become strong again. They will rise up as an eagle in the sky; they will run and not need rest; they will walk and not become tired.

in my old dance studio- there was a poster up on the brick wall that said-
PERSEVERANCE and had a ballerina on it in her point shoes.
i remember looking up at that poster when attempting to do hard ballet moves,as i bit my lip and wiped the sweat off my face, and wondered what exactly that word meant.

when ur falling into the pit and not seeing anything but black-emptyness surrounding you, its hard to press on.
what exactly are you pressing for?
if u see no good in life except for a needle full of heroin and possibly a cigarette to bum from the guy standing next to me at bus stop...then what is it that ur going to do with ur life?

i struggled with that for so long...the big question of why anyone is alive...

it takes alot of courage to push through our past.
some of our pasts are absolutely terrifying- who would want to deal with it?

perseverance is when u get to the place where u take responsibility for all the evil u've done and all the evil u've seen and do something about it.
perseverance is when everybody around u tells u that 'u cant get sober, u cant get off those meds, u cant even sit still 2 seconds without pheenin for the next one- look at u, ur disgusting!' and YET- u keep going.

perseverance requires patience, determination,
and willingness to learn the truth and do things differently no matter what the cost.
the truth(BIBLE) tells me, 'i am fearfully and wonderfully made.'
and that i am more than a conquerer, and that God knew me before he formed me in my moms womb.

perseverance in the dictionary means:

i think that the harder your past was to deal with, the better your future will be if u can make the decision to PUSH THROUGH.

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  1. I think the mom who carried this young lady in her womb thinks that this young lady has much wisdom.