Friday, August 6, 2010

entry from 11-5-09

this is a diary entry of when i was living at walter hoving home
(christian rehab)

im so angry with God,
theres nothing more frustrating than an unanswered prayer.
i wana know why i feel like a robot.
i want to cry SO bad!
and i feel stagnant, stuck and so bad.

i feel like im gona pop because my clothes are all too small.
i dont know if im ever gona get better.

my soul aches and im lost.
im drowning and im falling fast.
my heart is broken and i hurt.
i hurt so bad and i want God to make it stop.

why wont God answer me this time?
why wont he tell me what to do?
im so frustrated and mad.
im freakin angry.

i want to understand so much- actually everything and i know
im not supposed to, but it makes me mad.

so much im sad and in turmoil about...
like why i am so stupid.

i cant do anything right.

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  1. Pretty powerful stuff, kiddo. I really enjoy your style of writing. It must be interesting for you to look back on almost one year ago and study the evolution of where you have been and where you are now. Cool stuff, for sure.