Sunday, August 22, 2010

dear God

Thank you for this place u have brought me to.
Thank you for the places u have yet to show me.
Thank u for saving my life a hundred times,
And for showing me that I'm worth being
Thank u for my family... for picking them out one by
Thank u for laughter and lately for
Thank u for removing heroin and crack from my resume.

Thank u for forgiveness that is never ending,
Especially in someone's life like mine.
Thank u for my cousin Bree who said she looks up to me
And how u gave me tears thinking how blessed I am to
Have family that loves me.

Thank u for Ur unending love that flows through me
And washes away my shame.

I love u Jesus and I will forever be yours.
Do with me what u want today and every other day that u
Bless me with.


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