Sunday, August 8, 2010

cocaine dream again

Fumbling with a nick bag of cocaine....
Trying to hurry up before the door opened.
Desperate to sniff and then my hands
Shaking as I rip open the bag and lick it.

It tasted like it might have been tampered with.
Who did I buy this from? I forgot already.

I struggled to find the other bags I purchased.
My needle-pricked hands dug into the bottom
Of my purse, as I scrambled to find the rest of my
Secret stash.

I found it!
But it was punctured, and the coke was spilling out.
O no! I hurried to save the last of it.
I quickly sniffed it and the person in other room was
Shooting hers up and I was jealous because I lost my
Needle and she didn't want to share hers because
She didn't want to catch disease.

Even tho I'm clean of disease(thank u Jesus)...
I couldnt blame her.

I have been having these dreams a lot lately, and I
Really am being tested.
It's been a while since I have had freedom...
And I love it!
But, for the addict, it means more temptation.

And I think that's y I've been craving in my dreams.
I just hold on tight to my rock.

My savior, who is faithful even to save me from my
Worst nightmares of drugs.

I love Jesus because he first loved me...
And I put ALL my trust in him, who is my foundation.

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