Wednesday, January 4, 2012

random ramblings

i am going to be a counselor again...this time for a young 17 year old girl.  she has been involved in a lot of the same things i have been...drug addiction, prositution, cutting, etc.  i am continually asking God for wisdom and guidance as to how to help her.  Lord, just give me grace.

recently i have been struggling with my thoughts... impure thoughts.  my only hope is my hope in Jesus and how He gives me what i need exactly when i need it.  He came to save sinners.  such as i. 

who ever thinks that you have to be perfect BEFORE you come to Jesus needs a wake up call.

this Jesus has died for the impure, for the murderers, He died for the rapists and the drug addicts.

He did not die for Himself- but for us.  He traded in our filthy rags for His glorious inheritence.  my, what a mystery...

and when a thought comes in that is evil, or fleshly, i just keep pushing it onto God.  and i lay it at the Cross...and there lies my hope.

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