Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Jesus is my sanity.  He is the only reason I can think.  Think the WAY I think- now that is a different story.  My mind still needs so much sanctification.  My thoughts, my wicked heart, my evil volatile ways I am the worst sinner of them all.  My heart wants to come forth as pure gold- but in the process my soul is being crushed and I am being drawn to cling to the only thing that makes sense.  There is a sea of sorrow that waves in, as I let go of all my anchors.  The things that hold me in those chains, the things that wish to take over my being.  The things that used to have such power over me- they were literally taking control over my body. Things I am ashamed to say.  Without the cross I am doomed.  Forever to live amongst the dead in the inferno of despair.  Without the cross I have no life; nothing lives within me.  Death will overtake me if I do not cling to the cross.  My mind struggles with thoughts and obsessions some so deep that I cannot find where they begin.  I cant find the beginning, but I believe in my ending.  The ending that Jesus has given me.  How I long to be in my ending.  The end of me, the beginning of life forever with Him. 

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  1. That is indeed a very well written post!

    Thank you so much for sharing, and God's blessings to you my sister in Christ!