Thursday, June 9, 2011

Exodus 13:17-20

crossing the sea

i am finally free. free from the bondage.

i am trying to get to the place where my faith is stable and the place where peace flows like a river... the Promised Land.

God takes me through the wilderness... instead of the obvious and short route straight through. He leads me around the straight path and through the wilderness because He is protecting me from the enemies that await for me there (Philistines).

but i did not see them, and did not know they were there.

i only thought that God wanted to teach me some sort of lesson by bringing me through the dry desert.

suddenly, God shows up!

He is a cloud by day and fire by night.

He goes before me, and leads me.

He shows Himself to me in ways that i do not expect.

and He always protects me.

whether i feel Him or not- He is leading me with His Holy Fire!


1 comment:

  1. The years that I suffered from manic-depression (I call it demonic bondage) were years of struggle and sometimes despair. In desperation I asked the Lord to heal me (but before that I repented of sin and the Lord began to move in my life) and He healed me. It was so great to be healed; it was like I was born again all over again; I began to enjoy life again. Praise the Lord!

    Repentance of sin and forgiveness for others offenses are very powerful.

    I am grateful for what the Lord has done in your life.