Monday, April 4, 2011

waiting game

it hurts so bad
i cant even explain

the desire i have to be with my Lord
overcomes my brain

i seek, i search, i sadly say...
'daddy, come get me.'

but he wont answer me
this i can deal with-
but to not be in his presence
hurts like knives in my heart

i have tasted, and i have seen
the glory of the Lord-
it is serene

it is everything i ever wanted...
the heroin, cocaine, xanax and meth
could NEVER compare
to the feelings one gets when being with the Lord

it is the highest high
the most beautiful joy
it is unspeakable-
it makes me cry

God, Father, Savior, Jesus, Daddy
please let me be with you again
better is one day in your presence than
a MILLION elsewhere

i will wait for you

i will wait for you

because i have nothing
without you

i am nothing
without you

life means nothing
without you

in the midst of my depression
i will still say,
'have it your way'

because i am but a breath
and you are constant
so this pain will leave me
when you come back

i will wait for you

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