Wednesday, January 5, 2011


i am reminded of a vision i once had about a year ago...
i was in shredded towel-like clothing, sweating and panting

in the desert.

now that i am learning more about the Bible,
i am realizing what an impact the desert is- biblically.

in the dictionary, the desert means- barren and without water or vegetation.

currently i am feeling dry. feeling no presence of God.

i feel i have no springs of water overflowing inside of me...
but i am sure of the Spirit within me.

in the Bible, people were taken to the desert for preparation...
and for the self to be stripped away and for full reliance on God.

it appears as if i am in the desert.

my soul is dried out- but i am repentant for that.
i am trying to lean not on my understanding of how things should work- or even how God should work in me.
He can work through me however He wants! who am i to say that what i am experiencing right now is wrong. maybe i have not done something so terrible (as my perfectionistic personality might have led me to believe) but maybe God has taken me to the desert to take away my worldly thoughts, motivations, whatever. and to bring to my mind the importance of just depending on Him... no one, and nothing else but Him.

my prayer is that my faith will be restored, that my boldness will come back again, and that my love for Jesus will burn forever.

maybe i am in the desert for preparation...

YES! Prepare Me!


  1. Hi -

    Yes, you are being prepared as a warrior in the
    army of Almighty GOD!

    You are hugely loved by our Father - hugely!!

  2. Hi -

    You may be interested in reading a post on my blog placed today, Thursday January 6, 2011.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  3. Hi -

    I got your message on my blog.

    Of course, you are not deserted - GOD is with you for sure. Please know that you are never alone! Our Lord is with you. When it gets tough and you are weary, call on the NAME THAT IS ABOVE EVERY NAME - JESUS!

    Prayer for you:

    Father, in the mighty name of JESUS, we thank you that our strength comes from You as our SOURCE. We thank You, Lord, for Your love, grace and help. Give us what we need to continue each day stronger and stronger in You with the knowledge that You live in us and that we abide in You.

    We have nothing to fear because You are on our side and no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. We choose to believe You, Lord and to resist Satan who is a liar. You are pure truth and we belong to You. You shall keep us in peace as long as we keep our minds stayed on You. You are our joy, fortress, shield and buckler. And JESUS is the SONSHINE of our lives.

    Help us, please Lord, to go and glow, and to overcome with major victories, in JESUS' name.

    Thank you, Lord - Amen