Sunday, October 31, 2010

more love

A feeling is something temporary
An emotion is a temporary reaction to a feeling
Faith is responding to hearing either someone's emotional feelings of
Finding their Salvation,
Hearing the Word of God.

Salvation requires faith.
When u act on faith it tremendously increases belief.

When I tell others about the love of God,
I almost feel selfish because of the great feeling I receive.

Faith is not a feeling.
I cannot feel a cloud.

Faith should not be based on how u feel that day.
'oh today the weather was great and I got a promotion at work,
So I'm gonna praise the Lord.'


If I ever find myself wandering into the 'thank God for my
Circumstances' kind of thinking,
I know I'm in trouble.

The good news is that once u act on faith,
Then emotions and feelings can emerge.

Once a certain level of faith is activated,
Feelings and emotions r more stirred up when
Thinking about God.

It is hard to put Ur trust and love into a cloud.
Because if someone were to worship a cloud,
I'm sure they would never be able to feel the emotions
Of a cloud.
There would be no relationship.
A cloud cannot produce feelings.

Once u r aware of Gods love...
Feelings of gratefulness begin to errupt,
Because he first had this crazy love for us.

These feelings produce actions,
The act of Love.

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