Saturday, July 31, 2010

i saw satan

Luke 10:18: (Jesus says) I saw satan fall like lightening from heaven.

when i saw satan holding my aborted child...i almost lost my mind again.
was that where my baby was? in hell?
did my decision to abort my baby lead him to a final resting place with the enemy?
was he crying or cold? was he hungary?

i havent slept for months before this happened because of serious detox+withdraw symptoms, and during this torture, u can forget about any sleep at all.
satan was holding my baby and laughing at me... i was so scared.
but my faith in God increased at that time, because how can satan exist, and not God?
after much time on my knees in battle, the Lord showed me that he had my baby and then he spoke to me and said-
'your baby is being taken care of, and loved, and he will be waiting for you when u get here.'
and then i was able to cry... and cry... and cry.
before that, i hadnt cried in years.

now, my baby is 9 years old, and he's in heaven playing basketball or something.
i cant wait for the day when i will meet him and hug+kiss him.

when in spiritual battle, its important to remember your authority in Christ and to not get sucked into the lies that satan is telling you- or in this case- showed me through a vision.

i had the abortion when i was 17 years old and because i was on a lot of drugs and the boyfriend i had, wasnt really my boyfriend and we both cheated on eachother and it was a big mess.
it was NO reason to get an abortion- but nevertheless, it happened and i was traumatized for 9 years with that decision.
the drugs helped numb the pain and i never cried over what i had done...
until the vision with satan.
and because of that vision- i was forced to seek God with all i had and to seek answers... and truth.
and the Lord will guide u into ALL truth. thank you JESUS!!!

Luke 10:19:
I have given you authority to TRAMPLE on snakes and scorpions and to overcome ALL the power of the enemy, nothing will harm you!

speak out this scripture the next time satan tries lying to you.

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