Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28th

Another day of heat and working in front of computer.... life is much better than it was a year ago. Sometimes when i find myself with nothing to do, instead of my thoughts dragging me to hell, i now think about "normal" things. And i dont know whats normal anymore, and i dont think anyone does really.
So anyways my mom told me about this website and i thought id check it out and make up a blog. i hope someone can be helped through my testimony. i am a sinner saved by grace and the saving POWER of Jesus Christ.
If anyone wants to talk about Jesus or needs a little advice on addiction or mental illness or life-controlling problems- gimme a holla- i would love to help.
i am 26 years old and i work at teen challenge in brooklyn. i was a drug addict for about 13 years, as well as mentally ill. i would love to share with you how i got out of hell.


  1. Mariah, this is such a beautiful testimony to the healing love of Jesus and to your strong character and faith. They say when a bone breaks it heals even stronger and that is the way with you...I'm sure you have seen some darkness in this and yet the Light that you carry within will never be overcome! What wonderful knowledge you are bringing to us: to know how very much He loves us and exactly how precious we are. Thank you for sharing your makes all of us grow in faith right along with you. I'm so proud of you. with love, aunt meggy

  2. Thanks Aunt Meggy, definatly a bad trip ive had, but Jesus over powers all my nightmarish experiences and covers me with protection.
    i love you :)